Japanese Sword Arts FAQ Version 2.7

June 15, 1998


This document is copyright 1998 by Neil Gendzwill, all rights reserved. Permission is granted for free distribution in electronic or hard copy, provided that the document is maintained as a complete work. Copying or distribution for profit is expressly denied.

This FAQ is intended to cover all aspects of Japanese swordsmanship. However, my particular bent is towards kendo, so any flames about other arts are probably deserved. Heck, corrections or additions on anything in this document are welcome. Please mail comments to gendzwill@SEDSystems.ca If you have comments, I'll either incorporate your changes or explain to you why I didn't.

Please note that any complaints regarding this web version of the FAQ should be directed towards me, Kjartan Clausen, kjartan@ii.uib.no

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